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About Us

Rose and Vicki's Manomet has served South-Eastern Massachusetts since 1976. The original

Rose and Vicki's began as a mother-daughter duo bakery. They baked bread, pastries, and cakes. They would later add subs and deli sandwiches. In 1996, after the mother's retirement, the location was up for sale. In 1997, the current owners purchased Rose and Vicki's and began expanding. Rose and Vicki's flagship pizza was added to the menu in 1998, while still keeping the original bakery open.


Today, Rose and Vicki's has expanded to four locations and still carries the original Plymouth bakery's namesake. 

Early Steps

After the success of the original Manomet location, Rose and Vicki's began expanding to other places. The second Rose and Vicki's, the Marion location, opened its doors in 2008. Soon followed by two more locations in Dartmouth and Weymouth in 2008-2009.

Below is a Phantom Gourmet segment about Rose and Vicki's from 2010.


However, not every success story goes without struggles. In 2011 Rose and Vicki's sold both the Dartmouth and Weymouth locations following an over-expansion and subsequent retraction.

Re-focusing on what mattered, which was good, quality food, gave Rose and Vicki's a second chance. After establishing a better base, in 2014 Rose and Vicki's opened up a second third location in Cedarville. 

Since then, Rose and Vicki's has opened another location in North Plymouth in 2019, making the total number of restaurants, four.


Wicked Local

We want to be more than just your neighborhood pizza shop, we want to be the pizza shop that helps the neighborhood.

We support local sports teams, youth organizations, and schools to benefit our beautiful community. 

We want to make the world a better place, one slice at a time. 

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